We are better together.

Build a network of public school advocates.

Advancing Public Schools, LLC will spend one day with the School Board analyzing the effectiveness of its current advocacy work across the following four key areas: community, families, state and national advocates.  Based upon the day 1 analysis regarding existing advocacy practices, a day 2 follow-up consultation meeting with the School Board will enable the Board to create its own customized advocacy plan of action that will be intentional, strategic and sustainable over time.

Energizing Local Community Members:  Identify your community advocates, learn how to maximize student supports and discover ways to bring community members and agencies to the table as your partners in the advocacy for your public schools.  

Engaging Families as Education Partners:  Improve the continuous engagement with families and explore opportunities to set up a parent-to-parent system to promote education partnerships and advocacy for their local schools.

Developing Relationships at the State Level:  Learn how you can move from local advocacy and drive the message of strong public schools to the State House through your network of public school advocates.  Develop strategies for actively engaging legislators to build trust all year long, not just during the legislative session.

Participating in the National Education Conversation:  Establish ways to meaningfully participate in the national conversation on the importance of public education.  Know how you can remain knowledgeable about the national discussion and ensure you have a voice.