Know Your Support System Gaps

Public schools have limited resources, so identifying your support system gaps is the first crucial step to knowing what supports are needed for your students.

Our System gap analysis will EMPOWER your SCHOOL DISTRICT TO:

  • Deepen the role of the school board to provide student supports and resources
  • Empower Superintendents with the support they need to fully serve students
  • Uncover life-changing student wraparound services
  • Maximize limited resources and new student supports
  • Energize public school advocates
  • Strengthen your school district's advocacy and literacy practices to improve learning outcomes
  • Fill crucial equity gaps
  • Learn from other school districts’ experiences and best practices
  • Discover the power and relevance of system gap analysis to always provide the best for every single student



Today’s educational climate across the nation demands full engagement of School Boards to build public school advocacy networks in their communities.  Advancing Public Schools partners with individual School Boards to build a network of public school advocates to maximize student support and to promote their public schools.



Literacy of communities, families, and students is paramount to the academic health of a school district.  Advancing Public Schools partners with School Boards and school districts to build a community of literate learners by conducting an in-depth reading literacy support system analysis, identifying gaps and developing strategies to address those gaps in the following three areas:  School Board role, district support and individual schools.