School Board Members' Vital Role in Protecting and Promoting Public Education

School Board members play a vital role in protecting and promoting local public schools and their students.

However, Board members need high-quality support, resources and tools to effectively perform this important role.

The consultants at Advancing Public Schools, LLC have developed tools to support this important work and they used a recent article in the Indiana School Boards Association Journal to share several effective strategies for advancing public schools through advocacy and literacy.

The educational climate in our state and across the nation threatens the very existence of public schools. This climate is not political along partisan lines. Instead, it revolves around money and which education entities receive the already limited funding to serve Pre-K – 12 students. This climate demands our full engagement and advocacy on behalf of the schools we represent.

As elected officials, it is vital that School Board members engage in this work and build a sustainable community network of public school advocates to support and promote public schools. However, building an effective and sustainable network can be daunting. As lifelong public school advocates, the team at Advancing Public Schools has identified four key components that are necessary to build an effective community network of public school advocates...

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