About Us

Advancing Public Schools partners with individual School Boards to identify system gaps that lead to sustainable plans of action. We built our two primary services around student needs and established research about the powerful impact that Advocacy and Literacy can make on public school success. Our experienced team has worked in and with schools for many years. Knowing you have limited resources and individual needs, our process is efficient, comprehensive and personalized.

Mission Statement

Advancing Public Schools, LLC is dedicated to advancing the nation’s public school system through partnerships with local School Boards in the areas of advocacy and literacy.

What we Believe

  • Public education is one of our most fundamental civil rights, and all children should have access to an education that is equitable, student centered and of high quality.
  • Advocacy for public schools is needed at the local, state and national levels, and advocacy should be a priority focus of all local School Board members.
  • Strong public schools thrive because of support and engagement from local community members.
  • Families satisfied with their local public schools will support and promote their public schools.