Strong readers thrive well beyond the classroom.

Build a community of literate learners.

Advancing Public Schools, LLC offers in-depth reading literacy support analysis of three areas:  School Board role, district support and individual schools.  This analysis looks at every aspect of the reading literacy support system from three perspectives: student-centered, equity and high quality.  After a full analysis, we will work with school and district leadership to identify literacy support system gaps and develop strategies to fill those gaps to build a community of literate learners.

Strengthening Student-Centered Literacy Programs:  Identify, analyze and develop strategies to improve existing practices and systems that provide personalization for students “learning to read” or “reading to learn”.  Look at support systems for all levels of Pre-K- 12 readers both in the classrooms and in the school libraries.  Plus a review of school reading plans, student assessment practices, data trends and reading text complexity.

Improving Resource Equity:  Analyze and develop strategies to improve student and teacher access to reading resources and opportunities.  Review student access to reading materials that appeal to readers regarding gender, culture and content.  And look at book purchasing practices both in paper and electronic format.

Increasing Literacy Programs Quality:  Analysis will review School Board literacy policy, home/school and community reading programs, authentic student reading response and in-depth research practices, student self-selection of reading materials and infusion of literacy instruction throughout all curriculum.